Eurovision Sharing Performance in Merseyside

Four Caucasian female Jessie's Fund staff. one in an orange tshirt, three in purple, stood in front of the brick wall with Shakespeare North written above them.
We had an amazing day with the students, staff and parents from Presfield High School, Rowan Park School and Bluebell Park School, with the SKY music hub, for our Eurovision sharing event. We look forward to sharing some of their songs about summer, teamwork and what happens when you eat too many sprouts!

Two of our musicians, Jess and David, worked across the three schools facilitating songwriting workshops, encouraging classes to work together to write lyrics that would mean something to them. They came up with a diverse range of themes and styles for their songs, including eating your vegetables, broken ice-cream machines, the seasons and teamwork. We asked some of the pupil’s to present what they had learnt by being part of the project. Abe confidently stood up and told us: ‘Through the workshops with Jess and Dave, I have learnt to use my imagination and put it into practice. Helvellyn class have teamed up to work together, to share trust with each other, to express our own opinions. We have collaborated our individual opinions and built them up. It’s like a lego house. Everybody’s opinion is like a lego block and when you stack them altogether it turns into a joint success. Music is powerful. It allows you to have a deja-vu moment when you listen to a song, it can take you back to your memories, and that is spectacular’. I think everyone in the audience agreed! Feedback from school staff was just as positive: ‘Our pupils came back today so excited to share their day and I am looking forward to hearing about it from those pupils who left with their parents. Our head teacher drove the bus today and said the parents who attended were all delighted at the end of the event and thoroughly enjoyed it.’