Time of Covid: update

Thanks to NADLAB UK and Masqonn we now have plenty of face masks available to keep our musicians and the children we work with as safe as possible once we can make music face-to-face with them again. Mike Sherwood, from NADLAB UK, says ‘We are donating masks to welfare charities in particular, as we’d like everyone to have a mask that needs one. Charities are best placed to know where masks are most needed, and the work you do is valuable to ensure the community survives! We also understand the strain you guys are under at the moment with the additional costs imposed by the virus and lower funding opportunities so we thought we’d try and help in the small way that we can’.

We are still working from home and doing our best to deal with the pandemic with as little impact on the children we help as possible.

We commissioned some of our musicians to develop interactive music videos which can be used either in schools or in the home during the period we can’t physically work with children.

Thank you for all that you do. The online lesson I saw was a triumph. Can’t wait for the next ones!
Alison Mitchell, Leicestershire Schools Music Service

In addition, we are running some one-to-one sessions via video calls, along with live-streamed music sessions with groups of children and young people who have special needs. We are also supporting our community of music therapists in the new ways of working which are currently necessary.

During this period we can be reached by phone on 07511 609779, and will be contactable by email as usual.