Jessie’s family’s take on the 2.6 Challenge

The 2.6 Challenge ran for a week from 26th April, and came about as a result of the London Marathon (26 miles!) being cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the consequence that charities’ incomes were going to be so adversely affected by the crisis.

Click here to hear Jessie’s family play a socially distanced 2.6 minutes of Sibelius’ opus 26 for their 2.6 Challenge. Sibelius isn’t looking too impressed, but is supporting them anyway. Here’s where to show your support: All donations will be very gratefully received.

The 2.6 Challenge raised about £6,500 for us, with the star of several fundraisers being Erich, who said, before the challenge, ‘I aim to do 26 press-ups, 26 reach-squats and a 26-second plank a day for a week starting on the 26th April, the day on which the London Marathon should have taken place. I have always been a keen runner and ran the London Marathon six years ago, but unfortunately my running has been temporarily halted. A recent health issue and a long stay in hospital culminated in my left leg being amputated below the knee. I fully intend to run again and am currently fighting my way back to fitness, whilst giving myself time to get used to my fabulous new prosthetic leg.’ Needless to say, Erich completed the challenge, and has now progressed to cycling long distances.