Join our 2.6 challenge

If you’d like to do something positive to help us during this difficult time, please join the 2.6 Challenge. The Challenge grew out of the cancellation of the London Marathon, which was due to have taken place on 26th April. The 2.6 Challenge starts officially that day and lasts for 5 days, but that’s just a guide – some flexibility is allowed!

You can do anything at all as long as it includes the numbers 2 and 6: 2.6, 26, 260! It could be running upstairs 26 times every day for 5 days, making 26 differently decorated buns, doing 26 yoga sun salutations, trampolining for 26 minutes – you name it! There are more ideas below, but be as creative as you like – anything goes, as long as you’re safe and it complies with government exercising and social distancing guidelines.

Here’s what to do:

1. Decide what your challenge will be;
2. Go to the twopointsixchallenge to set up your fundraising page;
3. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you and/or suggest they set up their own challenge.

For an example of a challenge, take a look at Erich’s page.

Doing a challenge isn’t for everyone, but you could still be part of it: you might send 26 emails to family and friends, encouraging them to sign up to our newsletters. You could make a donation of £26, or if that’s a bit too much at the moment, any amount is appreciated. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford it, a donation of £260 would be incredible, and would pay for a day’s music therapy for life-limited children.

Some more challenge ideas:

  • Do 26 star jumps every day for 5 days (or press-ups/pull-ups/burpees)
  • Make a family band with conventional or homemade instruments, rehearse a song, and perform it on Zoom or record it and send the recording to friends in return for donations
  • Flip 26 pancakes
  • Have an online disco – choose 26 tracks and invite your friends via Zoom, asking them to donate a ‘ticket’ price
  • Make 26 buns and decorate each one differently
  • Encourage a small child to become involved – for example baking the buns or doing a 2.6km bike ride
  • Make 26 greetings cards and send them to friends with a link to our donations page.