Music Festival at The Dales

The end of our year’s music development project at The Dales School in Blyth was marked in style with a music festival, complete with festival food prepared by the different classes. Our music development projects aim to transform the way music is used in special schools, giving the teachers the skills and confidence to bring music centre-stage during the school day.

Hannah McCabe led the project, and was delighted that she felt completely redundant on the music festival day itself – the staff had organised it and planned the music themselves, proving that they now really do have the musical skills they need. One teacher told us ‘You’ve reminded me of how to be the kind of teacher I want to be’.

The music festival was a real celebration of staff and pupils’ achievements: the weather was perfect, the beautiful school garden host to various music groups scattered around, music-themed decorations hung from trees, and more parents and families than usually come to the school arrived to enjoy the fun. Congratulations on being a musical school, The Dales!