Interactive music videos

These videos are aimed at helping children, their families and teachers to make music, wherever they are. Created by our musicians, they’re about 20 minutes long, free for all, and offer an opportunity for playing along, listening and moving about. They’re designed to cater for the processing times of sensory learners with complex needs, but there’s lots for everyone to enjoy.

You might want to have something to tap, a drum/tub or even a cushion, and something to shake, a salt mill/ plastic container with rice in, or whatever else you can find around. A soft piece of cloth or a thin scarf would be good, too.

To see more interactive videos, go to our YouTube channel. 

Maku Tame – an upbeat song from Mozambique


Relaxing piece set to the gentle sound of the waves


Can you hear the forest?


Calming journey into Space