Privacy Policy

Privacy / Transparency Notice 

 Jessie’s Fund care about your privacy 

 You can ask us questions or make complaints about your information by getting in touch with us 

  • We collect and use your data so we can provide our services 
  • We use some providers who hold your data outside of the country, but we make sure it is protected 


What Information Do We Collect About You? 

  • We will record information about the services we deliver 
  • Our website collects information about how you use the site 
  • The information we collect and use includes Personal Data such as; 
  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Date of Birth 
  • When you used our services 
  • Family members 
  • Questionnaire responses 
  • Education / school data 
  • We also use data that is sensitive; 
  • Allergies / health conditions 
  • Information about whether you are at risk and how we can protect you  
  • Information about your family life 


What Do We Do with Your Information? 

  • Arrange funding or therapists for schools and hospices 
  • Providing training sessions 
  • To keep you safe, we will find out if you have health problems or allergies 
  • We will share information with the right people in our team and make sure they protect it 

Who Do We Share Your Information With?

  • We use other companies so we can store and use your information 
  • We share very basic information with schools, hospices and hospitals to deliver our services 
  • We use Microsoft for our emails and to store your files 
  • We use Constant Contact and DotDigital to send many emails at a time 
  • We use Advantage Fundraiser to store information about fundraising 
  • We use Stripe and Square to help us take payments 
  • We make sure that these companies are trusted and will only do what we say with your information 

Will We Share Your Information without Asking? 

  • Sometimes have to share your information, even if you don’t ask us to. 
  • This is usually to protect someone from harm or because the law says that we have to share it. 

What are Your Rights? 

  • You have rights when it comes to your information 
  • You can ask us for a copy of it 
  • You can tell us you are not happy with us using your information 
  • You can ask us to correct your information 

How Do We Look After Your Information?  

  • We make sure we train our staff on how to look after your information 
  • Staff have rules to follow  
  • We only use your information if we absolutely have to 
  • We make sure that technology is in place to protect your information 
  • We keep an eye on how people are using your information 



How Long Do We Keep Your Information? 

  • We don’t keep your information forever.  
  • We keep a list of records we have and destroy them when we don’t need them anymore. 

We hope that this answers all your questions. If you have any concerns or objections about the way we use your information, please let us know.  

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