Something old, something new

We did it! We’re back from our 2017 sponsored bike ride, having cycled over 300 miles in England, Belgium and The Netherlands. We had a great team of 19, some of whom were old friends and others, new, but everyone felt like old friends after the first half day. We had a couple of short, sharp rain storms on the first day, then some very hot weather in Belgium (up to 39 degrees celsius!), and then seriously strong headwinds for most of 60 miles on the last day in Holland. But it all added to the challenge, as did our extra few surprise miles riding over the large expanse of the Humber Bridge and back – a last minute little detour decision.

Our great team all paid their own expenses, so every penny raised in sponsorship will support our work. It’s not too late to help by sponsoring us: even the smallest donations add up and are much appreciated.