Soundtracks news

Soundtracks, our well-established programme of creative music projects in special schools, offers one day ‘taster’ workshops. These enable schools to have a simple, affordable way in which children and staff can take part in making music, and there will follow an opportunity to book one of our standard five day projects, or even a two year extended development programme.

In our Soundtracks projects children have the opportunity to work with professional musicians, taking part in a creative musical process and producing high quality performances and recordings. Each project has a strong element of staff training, so that music can continue after the end of our time at the school.

Our Soundtracks musicians are experts at involving all children, whatever their abilities, in creative work. Each project is carefully planned and developed with the school, to ensure the learning needs of children and staff are met. Following the project, schools have on-going access to support materials and advice. Costs are subsidised by Jessie’s Fund, so kept to a minimum.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss a visit to your school, please contact us.