Child DJ Zizi45 supporting Jessie’s Fund

45 Kids

Zizi45, who is 7 years old, watched her dad Criztoz, DJ, using 7 inch vinyl records – also known as 45s – at home and on live streams. As she loves music she wanted to try DJ’ing and really enjoyed it and spending quality time with her Dad. She now has her own record player in her room and a small record collection.

One day she suggested that it would be a great idea to do a live stream show featuring Kids DJ’ing using 45s. So was born the “45 Kids”. She designed a 45 Kids logo and the first show took place on 12 September 2020.

There have since been more 45 Kids shows, featuring kids from around the world playing 45s. The 45 Kids who have played so far are DJ JS, Seb Beat Nerd, Violet, DJ Ohhh, DJ Heyboy & DJ Heygirl, The Sunday Getdown, Minimal P, Evie Wonder, Pollyphonics, TTT & Little Flower.

Planning a DJ Set, playing records and talking on a live stream has helped all of the kids’ confidence, allowed them to express themselves with their choice of music, and also established a deep bond with their parent(s) over a shared passion for music. A talk show hosted by Zizi45 and Criztoz was launched on 04 July 2021 on, talking to some of the 45 Kids about DJ’ing, what music means to them, and their favourite records.

Zizi has previously raised over £400, and she donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust when she was 5 years old. Inspired by her dad, who runs live streams and hosts a talk show to raise awareness of men’s mental health, she is now raising money to help other children express themselves through music. Thank you, Zizi and Criztoz, for deciding that Jessie’s Fund is the perfect charity to support!