The Postlethwaite Music Foundation

Support from PMF

We are delighted to have been supported once again by The Postlethwaite Music Foundation. The Foundation first gave a grant to Jessie’s Fund in 2017, and have supported us each year since. This year, they have not only given us a grant for 2022 – they have pledged the same support for 2023 and 2024, which is hugely appreciated.

The Postlethwaite Music Foundation was founded by Mrs Ruth Holmes with an endowment from the estate of her uncle, Alan Postlethwaite, and it honours the Postlethwaite family, who were music lovers and accomplished musicians themselves. Their grants of £2000 per year for three years will support children for whom music therapy can be a life-changer, but who cannot access it without our help. As one parent told us, ‘Nothing works for my son like music does. Musical instruments are more or less the only physical things he will engage with, and though he is non-verbal, he is very interested in tonality, enjoying copying pitch and even melody from other people. It offers a very important bridge for working with his developmental difficulties, helping him to become more involved socially and also getting him using his hands.’

We are very grateful to The Postlethwaite Music Foundation for their ongoing generous support.